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National Audit Office’s Annual Report to Parliament 2022

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The challenges public finances are facing require a team effort from public administration

Efficiency and good financial management cannot be achieved without cooperation between the administrative branches. Systematic planning as well as concrete and measurable objectives are also needed.

This website presents the National Audit Office’s key conclusions regarding the state of central government finances and public administration, and a review of the NAOF's activities during the past year.

We will target audits at administrative reforms and balancing central government finances

Finland's public finances are facing significant challenges. As the Auditor General states in his review, the NAOF will pay particular attention in its upcoming audits to public sector reforms and measures to support balanced central government finances.

The social security reform and supporting trade and industry call for holistic management

Long-term objectives are set for the amendments of benefit systems and for measures to promote economic growth. However, it would be important in the preparation to better foresee the costs of the reforms and take into account the support, steering and monitoring required for the implementation.

The final accounts of central government agencies provide mostly true and fair information

However, the financial audits still found many procedures contrary to the budget. There were also more shortcomings in internal control than in the previous year. The NAOF issued a caution to as many as 28 per cent of the audited agencies.

Effective public administration requires systematic planning and concrete objectives

Good management of central government finances requires public administration to operate according to plan. Sufficiently concrete long-term objectives lay the foundation for steering and monitoring the activities, cost-effectiveness and financial impacts of public administration.

The National Audit Office focuses on its statutory tasks and prepares for new ones

Audit recommendations are well addressed in public administration: in the last two years, over 80 per cent of them have been implemented either in full or in part. The NAOF's other tasks support democracy, the sustainability of public finances and citizens' trust in public administration. In the next few years, our field of operations will expand.